eDY Lite™ is an abridged version of the eAsset Management’s Enterprise Dynamics™ assessment methodology.  This is designed to help organizations understand their starting point for their Asset Management (AM) journey and to define appropriate activities and improvement opportunities for them.

While Enterprise Dynamics™ provides full assessment of an organizations overall performance, eDY Lite™ focuses on the ‘management system’ components, providing a high-level maturity score which indicates the degree of compliance with ISO 55001 requirements.*

The eDY Lite™ assessment:

A management system represents a framework of processes and procedures designed to minimize risk in to achieving the company’s business objectives. The purpose of eDY Lite™ therefore, is twofold:

1.        establish a high level Asset Management System maturity score, using a pre-defined maturity scale.

2.        understand where further work should be targeted to address existing weaknesses

To do this eDY Lite™ makes use of a summary question to score each sub-element of the 11 primary elements of Enterprise Dynamics™: the summary question has been carefully chosen to reflect the intent of ISO 55001, resulting in a representation of system compliance in that area.

To work through the questions you are requested to enter a score from a scale of 0-5, where the scoring option is predefined as shown.

Once complete, the scores generate a spider diagram showing the ‘footprint’ of Asset Management activity across the company at the present time.

·        Low scores – below 3.5 represent opportunities for improvement;

·        High scores – above 3.5 represent good or better practice


eDY Lite™ is designed to give organizations a quick but valuable overview of where they are in relation to ISO 55001 and to help them understand the gaps they would need to address if they were to continue their Asset Management journey, improve their business performance and achieve compliance with the new standard if required.

* Note: further maturity assessment activity would be required to establish a more detailed findings & action set, leading to a roadmap and comprehensive set of work packages to achieve full compliance.

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eDyLite is an assessment tool that provides a high-level view of organisational asset management maturity. Start a new analysis by clicking XXX, or view and print previous analyses below.

eDyLite is based on our broader Enterprise Dynamics™ assessment methodology, which establishes a roadmap for organisations to improve their capabilities in asset management.

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